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Иностранцы: как реагируют иностранцы на то, что в России быдло называет ЖЕСТЬю

Я люблю сайт Девиант-арт только потому, что комментарии к работам пишут преимущественно иностранцы. Естественно, это комментарии положительные - видимо, Девиант-арт (в частности страницу Лесты) посещают тактичные и грамотные люди. В нашей стране даже концептуальные интересные тексты стараются всячески принизить\разнести, про фотки я не говорю вообще (исключение составляет сообщество арт-nude - так любой худой сиьке\письке рады, если есть зеркалка и и фотошоп).
Так вот к чему я веду - обо мне написала arielmeadow, она из Сиэтла (ну класс вообще!)
началось, естественно, со СВАДЬБЫ - тут не так интересно, как две других публикации
вот заметка с обилием фоток от ЛЕСТЫ, а здесь ИНТЕРВЬЮ со мной
(на вопросы мне помогал отвечать pijahk)

Tell to me a little about you and your web-sites\blogs
I am an author from Seattle. Here is more about me: http://offbeatbride.com/ariel
My first book, Offbeat Bride, was published in 2006. I started the website www.offbeatbride.com in 2007. Both the book and the website celebrate non-traditional brides. Now that I am pregnant, I decided to start a new website, http://offbeatmama.com, to celebrate non-traditional mothers.

Tell how you have found me

A friend sent me a link to your wedding on englishrussia.com. I LOVED the photos and immediately featured them on offbeatbride.com ...although in my post I noted that the cruel comments on englishrussia.com made me mad. Then my Offbeat Bride readers started posting comments on englishrussia about how much they liked your wedding! Once I found your livejournal, I deleted the link to englishrussia and linked straight to your website.

Why I am interesting to you

One of my favorite things about Offbeat Bride & Offbeat Mama is that I get to learn about subcultures -- goths, rockabillies, steampunks, hippies, gamer geeks, etc. I love that there are "weird" and wonderful people all over the world pursuing their own unique personalities and styles -- it is inspiring, especially when the styles are very different from my own.

I also like to see the ways in which subcultures & styles are the same everywhere. Pictures from your wedding reception reminded me of events in Seattle -- there is a group here called Pure Cirkus that does fetish/industrial circus performances that looked a lot like the performances in Moscow!

Despite the distance between Moscow & Seattle, and the fact that you are goth and I am not -- we are not so different!! It may sound cheezy, but it makes me happy.

Love to you, Grater, and Lada,

PS: Did you read the comments to this post? http://offbeatmama.com/2009/10/russian-goth
There are even a couple Russian readers!

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